3 tips on writing a good CV, according to a top Kenyan CEO whose resume was once thrown in the dustbin

Ms Muthoni's CV was rejected by the interviewer because it was poorly crafted.

She is a woman of many hats which includes serving on several boards of management in the public and private sector.

But before rising through the ranks, in her yesteryears of looking for a job, she experienced one of the worst treatments any jobseeker can get.

Her Curriculum Vitae (CV) was thrown into the dustbin by the interviewer because it was poorly crafted.

“I was crashed by this and was demoralised for quite some time. I rose above it and decided to learn how to do a good CV,” Ms Muthoni said in a past interview.

It is from this experience that she began practising by writing CV's for people for a while before landing her first job as a teacher — this time with a detailed CV.

Business Insider SSA sought a few tips from her on how to craft a successful CV:

Be smart in your presentation

Ms Muthoni urges job applicants to be smart in their presentation as it was one of the things that saw her CV rejected.

"It really put a setback on me that I couldn't put my act together despite having done communication skills. Going to the university means nothing; how you deliver your presentation (CV) is what matters."


Ms Muthoni also advises job seekers to ensure their documents are in order and while at it bring the required documents only.

"If they require you to have a university certificate, ensure you have it. Do not assume that they will not ask."

Do your research

Another key aspect thing to have in my mind, Ms Muthoni says, is to familiarise yourself with the organisation as it helps you tailor your cover letter to the style of the company besides showing your passion for the job and sector.

"You must have everything at the fingertips to show people that you can add value to the institution."


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