4 important business tips from Kenyan tycoon Chris Kirubi

Dr Kirubi is one of Kenya's richest individuals with a net worth of about $300 million

He is one of Kenya's richest individuals with a net worth of about $300 million, according to Forbes.

The 77 year old thrives with challenges and is a strong believer of hard work and healthy competition as a means to creating environments conducive to sustained business growth.

He is an active social media user and on many occasions uses the platform to share tips on business, success and life.

Here are some of them in his own words, unedited:

Do your research thoroughly

If you understand an idea, you can express it so others can understand it. However, if you can’t explain it, you don’t really understand it; and you cannot invest in a business you don’t understand. So friends, do your research well and understand the idea or concept you want to execute before investing in it.

Learn new methods

One of the most important lessons I have come to learn over the years is that you can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow. You must keep learning new methods and ways of doing things to keep abreast with the world’s ever changing trends.

Go for opportunities that will add value

“Whatever opportunity you decide to take should be in line with your vision. When I look at the opportunities that come my way, I often ask myself, will it add value to a business or individual? If I cannot add value or contribute to some sort of growth then I will not take it.”

Success has its ups and downs

"Business is always a struggle. There are always obstacles and competitors. There is never an open road, except the wide road that leads to failure. Every great success has always been achieved by fight. Every winner has scars….The men who succeed are the efficient few. They are the few who have the ambition and will-power to develop themselves. So choose to be among the few today.


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