4 lies you tell yourself that prevent you from being successful

These are some of the lies that keep you from being successful in life


"All success begins with self-discpline. It starts with YOU."

And that self-discipline certainly means not sticking to a series of symptoms that I would call "excuses or lies."

If you want to be successful then you need to identify those lies and then get rid of some these old beliefs. Its high time you keep off the lies listed below and make that first step to achieve your ultimate goal(s):

1. I do not have enough time/ I’ll start tomorrow

This has to be the biggest lie people tell themselves. But honestly, if you have all the period to browse through your social media channels, then you certainly have to set aside some time for your business.

In other words, quit procrastinating! Time is of essence to your financial success. Remember, we all have time but it all boils down to how we prioritize it.

2. It is hard to get started

Most of the successful entrepreneurs begun from scratch and endured hurdles right from the word go. It’s all down to showing some zeal before you find out what all the fuss was all about.

It also needs a bit of hope, optimism and a positive outlook altogether for you to start off in the right way.

3. I’m already too late to start

Of course no one is born successful. Until you’re in the ground you still have the time to be successful. Most CEO’s and successful entrepreneurs started early and are now bearing the fruits of their hard work.

Do not give up just because you are not in your early 20s. That very success you desire to achieve will be cultivated over the years.

4. I need a college degree to be successful

In a world where billionaires such as Richard Branson shunned higher education to pursue his dreams then you have no reason to argue that a degree is the only way to help you make it in life.

While it is important to have education, remember to make hay while the sun shines.

For instance, comedian Jalang’o used his witty character to make it in the world of comedy. And years later after being successful, he is now comfortably pursuing his higher education at Daystar University.


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