5 signs you are not just meant for a 9 to 5 job

Its time to move on

While the occupation could seem somewhat secure, it is probably not what you envisioned it would be when you signed up for it.

Therefore, after a while, you could find yourself quitting to explore other opportunities — perhaps even become an entreprenuer.

So, how do you tell that you are not cut out for a traditional, 9-to-5 job?

Here are a few signs:

Sitting at one place for too long

You find the idea of sitting at one place for 8 hours depressing and you feel that your world is more than just sitting in a glass office.

Management hierarchy

You feel detached from the company in that you can hardly talk to your boss or share your opinion about something.

Horrible boss

If you are working under a dreadful boss, there’s a good chance you’re meant to be self-employed.

It’s impossible to hit targets  if someone is preventing you from doing things in your own way.

Doing things your own way

If you find you’re constantly doing things differently from everyone else, there’s a good chance you should work for yourself.

Paychecks don't delight you

Your dreams and ambitions are more valuable than a paycheck.

You would love to do something you like and earn less rather than doing something for money where you don’t feel attached.


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