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Not any celebrities or famous people. But Millenials are the most overrated people. Everything revolves around them. “How millenials save money.” “Millenials and the job market.” “Millenials addiction to social media.” “Millenials have the burden of student loans.” “Millenial parenting.” “Where Millenials vacation.” “Millenials holding off on buying houses.” “Millenial spending habits.” Gah! Who the crap cares what they think? As though they’re the only people on the planet, and everyone else must do as they do. I am so sick of hearing about what Millenials are doing all the time. There are other groups of people who are worthy of being mentioned once in awhile. They are not that educated, innovative, knowledgeable, cultured, or savvy as they think they are. Please, for the love of God, can we discuss other groups for a change.

Wealth is 99% accident and 1% hard work, with both the hard work and the luck being completely necessary to become wealthy without inheritance or lottery.

That meaning that most wealthy people who become so under their own power do work hard and are very lucky, whereas most people who work just as hard never become wealthy, and are most often extremely poor (See India).

If every wealthy person in the world (lets say everyone with a net-worth over 5 million) died tomorrow, the planet could instantly replace them with equally worthy people with no noticeable loss.

They are not particularly special people, yet they are worshipped as gods in the USA. Their biographies sell millions of copies to chaser's of the American Dream, who study and debate over them in their lifelong quests to achieve ascension and join the exalted ones.

This is even more extreme when you get to the super wealthy. I'm talking about the types who purchase politicians for profit. Disgusting.

Congrats on your GPA. But chances are you’ll end up with the same job that the kid at state school has with a lot less fun you had, more depression, and competitiveness that your coworkers will find jarring and amusing.

How did she get famous? Oh yes, for being on a sex tape.

So how many fans she has? Let’s see.

Facebook : 29.4 M

Twitter : 48.3 M

Instagram : 84.3 M

If she could gain so much fans, then anyone can do the same thing, by making oneself viral with hot sensation.

Gandhi was the saint who, through his principles of non-violence, brought independence to India in 1947. At least, that’s what you’ve probably heard. But the Indian independence movement was a strong force well before Gandhi entered the scene. The nation’s freedom would have happened within a few years of 1947 even if Gandhi had spent his life meditating in a cave. He was a figurehead for the cause, while various other leaders were doing most of the work (and if you say “I’ve never heard of anyone else,” I won’t be remotely surprised). In true Thomas Edison fashion, he was happy to take the credit. Non-violence was a nice idea (and yes, it inspired Martin Luther King), but Gandhi didn’t exactly invent it. He admitted that it was based on Hindu scriptures, the New Testament and Thoreau, though Buddha was walking the talk some 2,500 years earlier. But while Gandhi had his spiritual side, “saint” is too strong a word. He talked peace, but played politics as ruthlessly and slimily as any politician. His ideological differences with Subhas Chandra Bose, leader of the Indian National Congress (the chief independence group) led him to try some truly underhanded tactics, gathering a faction to rid throw out Bose. (All’s fair in politics, perhaps, but Gandhi was supposed to be above that.) Bose had too much respect for Gandhi (he was the one who called him “father of our nation”) and, after dealing with Gandhi’s backstabbing, despondently stood down. For the record, Gandhi was meant to be the meditative guy, and Bose was meant to be the militant one. It’s all PR.( I know people from India gonna hate me)

the first Chairman of the Soviet Union. He used fear (most notably through the Red Terror and a secret police known as the Cheka)[and propaganda to stay in control.On top of this, he made all political opposition illegal via the ban on diverging factions within his own party.Meanwhile, he killed numerous people through both famine (mainly The Great Famine of 1921, which killed an estimate of 5 million people) and the Russian Civil War, which killed 8 million people.His reign ended in 1924 when he died from syphillis,which led an even worse leader to take his place.

Not only is he glorified in history books as a Nobel laureate (literature) and the Prime Minister who led Britain to victory in World War II, he is occasionally named as the greatest Briton of all times in opinion polls.

The fact that is often overlooked when exalting him is that he was responsible for one of history’s worst genocides: the death of 4 million people during the manmade Bengal famine of 1943. It took him just 1 year to do so, when in comparison it took Hitler 12 years to exterminate 6 million Jews.

Churchill ordered the diversion of vast quantities of food from starving Indians to already well-supplied Britain and other parts of Europe. Some of his public comments include: "I hate Indians.", "They are a beastly people with a beastly religion." and “The famine was their own fault for breeding like rabbits." Offers of American and Canadian food aid were turned down. India was neither permitted to use its own sterling reserves, nor import food.

The worst part is that the Indian history books prescribed in schools only have a passing mention of the famine, with no attribution to Churchill. Majority of children grow up with a utopian image of history that changes only if they explore facts on their own. I myself used to maintain a quotations notebook when I was young that had many inspirational quotes by Churchill.

Churchill said that history would judge him kindly because he intended to write it himself. I guess he could see the future.


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