The 5 important tips you need to excel in your career in the new decade

Career woman for illustrative purposes
  • With the end of the decade and the beginning of a new one, it is important to arm yourself with more knowledge.
  • We have compiled the tips below to help you get ahead in your career for the next 10 years.

Do you want to be great in your chosen field? Do you want to improve your performance and get ahead?

Then you should definitely use the following tips:

  • Do not stop learning

We now have access to all the knowledge we could ever want so nothing is stopping you from taking online courses and watching webinars.

So, figure out what you want and go after it by constantly improving your skill set in the new decade.

  • Always take the initiative

You stand out whenever you seize the opportunity to pitch good ideas, and offer great solutions.

  • Accept more responsibilities especially the daunting ones

To advance in your career, you have to be okay with taking risks which can include accepting scary responsibilities like doing something you have never done. By stepping out of your comfort zone and taking on more responsibilities you gain more skills and increase your chances of getting promoted quickly.

However, you have to be strategic with the challenges you accept. Make sure you only accept the responsibilities that take you closer to where or what you want your career to look like.

  • Evaluate your performance constantly

Stop waiting for your annual appraisal and start doing it yourself. By constantly evaluating your performance, you can quickly spot your problem areas and work on them before your bosses notice.

  • Ignore distractions

With notifications constantly popping up on our smartphones, it is easy to get distracted and end up slacking at work. You also have to deal with colleagues constantly interrupting your workflow.

To take back control of your time, set your daily goals based on the level of importance, give yourself a deadline, use noise-cancelling headphones, put your phone on silent mode or just keep it away from you.


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