Meet Uganda’s youngest chief of police 11yr old Elizabeth Atukunda

After being briefed about the security situation in Uganda, Elizabeth headed to Jinja road to control traffic.

Elizabeth Atukunda is an eleven-year-old schoolgirl in Uganda who last week became Uganda’s chief of police albeit for a day.

Elizabeth who wants to become a police officer when she grows up was given the chance to shadow her country's chief of police and see for herself what he does for a whole day.

“I wanted to spend the day with the police to show them that because the police is a male dominated organization  I wanted to show them that also girls can also dominate that organization” she said.

She was one of hundreds of girls taking part in the International Day of the Girl, which aims to promote equal opportunities for women in countries across the world.

She described her experience  ‘witness account’ to bbc

“It was a very busy day the head of traffic and the police spokesman gave me a progress report on what they had been doing to keep the cities of Uganda safe and what they were doing to improve security.

After the conference we headed to jinja road where we controlled traffic and we were stopping drivers for their permits and to see if their cars were in good mechanical conditions and how they felt  about the police and what they were doing to keep them safe

From there on we headed to another place where we talked to some people who told us the problems which they were facing where they were and we tried to  come up with solutions to those problems” she said.

And after a hard day being the top cop in Uganda, she had this to say.

“It wasn’t easy i will confess but neither was it that hard because something s you just have to analyze what they are saying so that you can come up with a solution to their problems.”

She is  forever grateful for the experience and looks forward to many more.

"After the day I felt very honoured, it is not every day that you get such opportunities so when you get it you have to take it up and you have to be proud of what you have got"


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