This is to help the country to improve the menace of sanitation that has for some time hit the country.

The Chief Executive Officer of the company, Emmanuel Appiah, who disclosed the initiative said that the app is aimed at bringing some consciousness to persons who indiscriminately litter the country.

“We are looking forward to seeing that the app will bring some consciousness of behaviour. When people don’t have an option, they tend to use whatever is available to them. For example, if people finish using bottled water and there isn’t a dustbin around to put it in or there isn’t any agent around to really target them and collect it, then, you will find it that unfortunately, people will litter,” he said.

He however noted that “If we are able to provide them with the solution, the technology that basically scans the bottle and it is not by bar code but it is by way of analysing it or understanding it and telling them that this bottle is worth say 10 pesewas or 50 pesewas so don’t throw it away, then we can make headway.”

Chief Executive Officer of the company, Emmanuel Appiah
Chief Executive Officer of the company, Emmanuel Appiah

Persons are required to scan empty plastic bottles using the app while it determines how much one is supposed to be paid based on the number of plastic wastes gathered.

There has been a debate as to whether plastics should be banned in the country or not.

This is as a result of the worsening sanitation situation in Ghana partly due to disposal of plastic waste.

Recently, President Akufo-Addo said his vision was to make Accra the cleanest city in Africa, but the issue of plastic waste disposal has contributed greatly to the menace of poor sanitation in the country.

In line with the vision, the CEO said his outfit is seeking to partner with major stakeholders including the ministry of sanitation and water resource.

The app ‘Wonelcycer’, which is a reverse form of ‘Recycle now’.

The other two are Jalel Moujalid, Head of Operations and Corporate Affairs and Delphina Jentina Bilobi Asaseyaa, Head of Human Resource and Community Development.