Ghanaian Teaching Assistant invents a 600 capacity affordable incubator

Incubator made by Ghanaian TA
  • In Ghana most farmers are unable to afford an incubator.
  • This is because they are imported and quiet  expensive.
  • But a Ghanaian has manufactured an affordable incubator which most farmers can perchase.

David Wakpal is a Teaching Assistant at the Department of Animal Science of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana.

He has created an incubator for hatching chicks at an affordable price.

He told Kumasi-based Luv FM that he has been researching into affordable ways of producing incubators since his second year in the university.

“It all started when I was seriously in need of an incubator for my turkey farm. The only way I could get one was to import or buy from an importer and it was expensive.”

“I later realised that this wasn’t a problem I alone faced, a lot of farmers were in need of it too. I concentrated on it so much sometimes I had to miss lectures,” he added.

Even though he started the research in his second year, he built his first fully automated incubator in his final year. He built it in his room.

Wakpal said that he now produces affordable and equally efficient incubators comparable to foreign brands

“Price is less than half the imported one. This can be serviced in Ghana because it was built by us and again adapted to our climate.”

“This is a 600 capacity fully automated incubator. Later I tested at the Olympio hatchery, KNUST and it had a good hatching percentage.”

“It has a hatching percentage of over 80 percent,” he added.

He indicated that “the incubator has an automatic temperature and humidity control, automatic egg turning system, automatic ventilation, over limit protection controls and warning alarm system.”    

For a bonus, he has placed rollers beneath the main compartment so farmers will have no difficulty moving it around.

Most Ghanaian poultry farmers are not able to afford incubators due to the high cost of such imported items. There are no incubator manufacturing firms in Ghana.

But Wakpal is hopeful more farmers in Ghana will be able to afford his incubators in order to help their businesses.

“I believe with this the importation of incubators will be reduced and farmers, especially in the Northern Region who use broody hens to hatch guinea fowl, can get access to quality but cheap fully automated incubators in the country.”


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