Here are the top 3 things Nigerians look out for when buying a phone, according to research by RED | For Africa

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  • RED Africa has released its first research note on “Tech Marketing: Hashtags, Influencers, and Trending Topics, The Trifecta of Marketing Tech to a Digital Generation.”
  • Analysing the impact and effectiveness of social media marketing campaigns, their research reveals that most people placed priorities on features and specs before buying a phone.
  • The report makes use of a survey that sampled 1,007 respondents between ages 18 – 60 years across Nigeria (Oyo, Kano, FCT Abuja, Enugu, and Osun state).

Features & specifications, price, brand reputation, and legacy are the key things Nigerians look out for when buying a new phone, according to a 2019 research piece conducted by the Omni-media group, RED | For Africa.

Their research, released in September 2019, analyses the impact and effectiveness of social media marketing campaigns in influencing consumer choices and driving sales of phone devices in Nigeria.

Per the report, about 43% of Nigerians with active social media accounts have been influenced to buy smartphones based on brand-focused online marketing campaigns.

Commenting on the study, Isime Esene, Head of Research and Intelligence at RED Africa, said, “People do not buy things by chance, and even for technology brands that provide both functional and social value, consumers need products that will not disappoint, fail, or crash when they are needed."

“As a rapidly growing sector in Nigeria, marketing technology devices and properties on social media is an important business activity for all major brands in the industry. But if it is to be done effectively, it is important to understand what exactly drives the choices and decisions for targeted consumers,” he added.

Esene explained that the research data is designed to help smartphone brands position themselves to understand their customers better, and also improve their bottom-line. More research reports are expected to be released, covering contemporary issues and topics in media and communication, church culture, politics, and governance.

RED Africa says the report surveyed 1,007 respondents between ages 18 – 60 years across Nigeria (Oyo, Kano, FCT Abuja, Enugu, and Osun state), and further supported by three focus group discussions to assess buying decisions and major interests of smartphone product consumers.

Here are key highlights from the flagship report:

  • Social media trends might not influence trust in buying a brand but increase awareness.
  • Features and specifications become the premier indicator of phone buying preferences with 77.44% results.
  • Phone buyers with less than N100,000 monthly pay will consider price as one of the key factors.

The report suggests that for better results, brand managers should focus more on the phone features and price indication while doing social media campaigns in Nigeria.

The detailed report can be downloaded HERE


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