Samsung launches world’s first 3D Cinema LED screen

Samsung showcased the ‘first of its kind’ screen for the 2nd time after its first-ever Cinema LED appearance last year

Samsung has formally launched a 3D version of the Cinema LED Screen.

The electronics conglomerate formally debuted its latest product at ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) 2018, the largest commercial display exhibition in Europe, which began on February 6 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

It is the second time that Samsung showcased a ‘first of its kind’ screen after its first-ever Cinema LED that made its first appearance last March.

Samsung Cinema LED Screen has been acclaimed for overcoming the limitations of existing film projectors in theaters. Viewers have praised the screen for making them feel as if they are watching a 3D film, with its crystal-clear 4K (4,096 x 2,160) resolution picture quality, infinite ‘true black’ HDR, and non-distorted visual imagery.

The true 3D technology was incorporated into the Cinema LED Screen, which gives the ultimate 3-dimensional experience by utilizing the brightness and quality of Cinema LED as it is.

“The existing 3D cinemas had to compromise between brightness and resolution. The screen is dark as if the viewers are wearing sunglasses in the theater. The brightness is already halved, and with the 3D glasses that audience must wear, it becomes a one-third level compared to other 2D films. The resolution is halved too. It is inevitable as the videos for the left and right eye are overlapped and reflected," said Dongsong Koo, from Samsung Visual Display Division's Enterprise Product Planning Group

Samsung’s know-how on 3D TV and the knowledge of Cinema LED created the synergy for the company to overcome the limitation on brightness and resolution of the existing 3D movie theaters’. 3D Cinema LED’s full and precise color refuses comparison any premium movie theaters.

3D technology makes movies to be more immersive, but it can also cause inconveniences such as dizziness and headaches. Samsung claims its 3D Cinema LED screen significantly reduces dizziness by retaining brightness level and eliminating many of the display-related factors triggering it.

None of this 3D magic comes at the expense of screen quality either. The 3D Cinema LED screen has the same viewing angle as the regular Cinema LED variant. This allows viewers, no matter where they are seated, to enjoy the film with less distortion.

This year’s ISE will be the first moment of that unique experience,” said Koo, adding that soon people will be able to enjoy the ultimate 3-dimensional experience through 3D Cinema LED Screen.


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