Boyfriends stabs rival after tracking girlfriend via SnapChat

The victim was not seriously injured

When Snapchat added its new Snap Map feature, little did it know it could become the tool for attempted murder but that is what happened in Paris on Halloween.

Snap Map works by giving a user a real time map of where friends are in real time and a jealous 25 year old used the app to follow his girlfriend.

According to reports, after struggling to reach his girlfriend, the suspect followed her via the app to a location where she was discovered in a car talking to another man.

The jealous boyfriend got involved in an altercation with the man, resulting in him stabbing the victim in the thigh.

According to the police he will be arraigned before a court.

How to disable Snap Map

To do this, go to Settings, and scroll down to See My Location. There, switch on the toggle for Ghost Mode, which hides your location from your friends.


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