• Ronny Jackson, the official White House physician, has served Former President Barack President Donald Trump in the role.
  • Like Trump, Obama also suffered from high cholesterol. Obama worked to lower his levels via diet and exercise, while Trump takes a daily medication.
  • Jackson wrote in Obama's 2016 physical results that Obama was "committed to a healthy lifestyle," but said this week that Trump's diet and exercise regimens need some adjustments.

President Donald Trump's personal physician, Ronny Jackson, released the results of Trump's first medical exam in office on Tuesday. The 71-year-old president is both physically and cognitively "fit for duty," Jackson said.

The doctor added that Trump's excellent health can be chalked up to "good genes" and a lifetime of abstaining from smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol.

But there is some controversy around Jackson's positive assessment of Trump's physical condition. The president's weight puts him justJackson recommended that Trump, who weighs 239 pounds, lose 10-15 pounds through a combination of a healthier diet and exercise.

Jackson was appointed to be the official White House doctor by Obama in 2013. Here's how the two presidents' health stack up.

Obamas results show hes a healthy guy

Obama — who is 15 years younger than Trump — assumed office at the age of 47, and the results from his 2016 physical painted a healthy picture.

At the time, Obama was 54 years old, with a height of just over 6-foot-1 and a weight of 175 pounds. According to the CDC, Obama's body mass index in 2016 was 23.1, which is within the normal range for healthy adults. Obama was taking a few daily medications, including a Vitamin D supplement, Nexium to help control acid reflux, nicotine gum to kill occasional tobacco cravings, and Malarone to prevent malaria, since Obama was planning travel to malaria-prone regions when his exam was conducted.

Trump is in decent shape for a 71-year-old, but needs to shed a few pounds

Unlike Trump, Obama did not request a cognitive exam in any of his physicals. Trump scored a 30/30 on a 10-minute dementia screening test, indicating that he doesn't suffer from cognitive impairment issues.

Trump is also on a few regular medications,

Trump's level of LDL cholesterol is

The two presidents differ in their lifestyle choices. While Trump is known to be fond of fast food and lack a consistent exercise routine, Obama was committed to a healthy lifestyle while in office, according to Jackson's assessment.