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Twitter’s Blue subscription users get exclusive access to X Pro

Under its new identity, X (previously recognised as Twitter) has initiated a significant shift by implementing charges for users seeking access to TweetDeck.

Elon Musk [Image: Tate News]

Marking a significant shift at the onset of this month, the service that was once TweetDeck has emerged with a new persona, X Pro.

However, this rebranding comes with an unexpected twist: gaining access now mandates a Blue subscription.

Back on July 3, the announcement of this impending alteration was made by X, underscoring the need for users to acquire Verification status for their TweetDeck experience.


While the implementation of this change extended slightly beyond the initial 30-day window, the present reality is crystal clear, non-subscribers attempting to visit TweetDeck are now swiftly redirected.

Under Elon Musk's visionary guidance, X is enhancing its X Premium subscription to offer more compelling features.

Longer posts, advanced formatting, ad revenue sharing, and improved visibility in conversations and search results showcase X's dedication to a premium user experience.


Back in 2011, Twitter made a strategic move by acquiring the London-based social media dashboard, TweetDeck.

Its distinguishing feature lies in its innovative approach to showcasing messages: neatly arrayed in columns, a departure from the more conventional layouts seen on the website or mobile app.

This column-centric design not only provides a visually organised feed but also introduces a refreshing perspective to consuming and engaging with content.


Intriguingly, TweetDeck's search and posting functionalities deviate from the norms established by the main website or app.

This unique operational divergence is a defining characteristic of TweetDeck's personality.

This distinction acknowledges that different user preferences and contexts warrant tailored methods of interaction.

While Twitter integrated more multimedia formats into its primary product, such as live audio and video, TweetDeck remained primarily a text-based tool.



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