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3 ways tweets turn into top trends on X

A topic can trend with relatively fewer tweets and handles with large followings can influence what trends, get to learn how trends emerge on X and why these influence public discourse.

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X (formerly known as Twitter) remains a pivotal platform for real-time information, public discourse, and viral trends.

With its unique blend of brevity and immediacy, X serves as a barometer for global conversations, ranging from breaking news to entertainment.

X, with its microblogging format, allows users to share updates, opinions, and media in concise posts. It has become a digital arena where celebrities, politicians, and everyday users interact and engage in discussions.

The platform's trending topics feature highlights what's currently capturing the public's interest, providing a snapshot of the global and local zeitgeist.


X's algorithm, responsible for determining what appears on the trending topics list, is a complex system that considers several factors.

These include the velocity of tweets, retweets, likes, and replies a topic receives.

It's not just about the volume of tweets but the rate at which a topic gains traction.

This mechanism ensures that the trends reflect what is genuinely capturing users' attention in real time.


A common misconception is that the sheer volume of tweets about a topic guarantees its spot on the trending list.

However, the algorithm also prioritises the diversity of the discussion and the spread of engagement across different user groups.

This nuance means that a topic can trend with relatively fewer tweets if those tweets generate significant interaction or come from a wide array of users.


Accounts with large followings can have a pronounced effect on what trends, as their posts often receive widespread engagement quickly.

However, the algorithm also seeks to balance this by ensuring that trends are not solely driven by celebrity or influencer activity.

This balance aims to keep the trending topics diverse and reflective of a broader range of public interests.


Understanding the dynamics of X's trending topics algorithm offers valuable insights for users looking to maximise their visibility on the platform.

Engaging content, timely reactions to current events, and fostering interactions across a wide user base are key strategies.

Additionally, users should be critical of trending topics, recognising that volume does not equate to accuracy or importance.

The dynamics behind trends on X are shaped by a complex interplay of user engagement, algorithmic processing, and the influence of significant accounts.


Moments of humor, concern, and tribute become critical points for global conversations and shaping public discourse.

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