Xiaomi unlocking new content possibilities for young people

Smartphones have changed the way young people all over the world have fun and work whilst staying in touch with friends and family

Xiaomi unlocking new content possibilities for young people in 2021

In Africa, the fast-paced millennials love to enjoy high-definition videos, have gaming experiences on their smartphones, and chat with friends while enjoying their favorite music playlist on the go. And they have smartphone companies to thank, but one of the smartphones especially making waves in the world is Xiaomi.

Beyond these boundaries, smartphones have redefined the "treatment" of content as not just for consumption but for creation.

This has proved over the years to be commercially attractive to millennials who now make a living from content production and management right from their handheld devices.

One challenge for creators, especially beginners and young professionals, which largely threatens production, has been the cost of production equipment, logistics, and the bulky nature of pieces of equipment to use etc.

Xiaomi, a consumer electronics and smart manufacturing company with smartphones and smart hardware connected by an IoT platform at its core. It promises and delivers a world of possibilities for content creators of all levels—rookie or professional.

Having a Xiaomi smartphone in the palm of your hand as a creator is the power necessary to deliver the best content for the best delivery. Saying it is one of the sought-after phones might not cut it, but the records are there to show it.

According to Canalys, a top smartphone website report, Xiaomi saw annual shipment growth in all major markets in Africa. They also saw an annual growth of 31% in Egypt and an annual increase of 558% in the Moroccan market.

Their market share soared in Morocco to up to 26%, which means about one out of every four smartphones sold in Morocco was from Xiaomi.

Millennials have found Xiaomi smartphones a comfortable habitat to not only create content for fun but also earn rewards for great content as the game is rapidly changing.

In Q4 of 2021, Xiaomi accomplished a great sales performance in the African markets. Their shipments in the whole Africa market grew by 33%.

In South Africa, they saw a year-on-year surge of 537%. Looking ahead, it has then become necessary for young creators to be adequately equipped, even with a not-so-high budget but functional smartphone.

This is where Redmi smartphones became a top choice for high-quality content delivery.

Xiaomi has had quite a good year. With its end-of-year campaign #BeyondTheboundaries with Xiaomi, several African entrepreneurs spoke their truth and talked about their struggles and how being determined and using the right tools helped them thrive.

The campaign was promoted on Social media, specifically their Facebook pages in Ghana, Kenya, Tunisia, Morocco, the Ivory Coast, and Nigeria.

It was a ten-day campaign in which Xiaomi had several conversations with their followers on social media to encourage people to make a difference by sharing their own 2021 stories, successes, failures and triumph. Xiaomi's Pan-African engagement campaign is the company's first in the continent.

This campaign was a huge success in Africa, with a lot of young people taking part. The smartphone brand has promised to continue this culture of creating campaigns in which they draw African youths into hearing the journey of other successful African entrepreneurs, celebrities, content creators and so much more. This would encourage every African youth to dig within and become great.

It is no shock that Xiaomi came up with such a campaign to help people. Xiaomi, as a company, has continuously invested in itself, challenging any boundary that may come its way.

Xiaomi relentlessly challenged boundaries in the year 2021, gained new grounds and improved massively on its driving force: innovation.

This was evident in its introduction of new products, such as the newly launched Redmi Note 11 Series, as well as its expansion beyond the boundaries of mobile phones.

With a unique blend of strategies that have transformed the business to an empire in a few years, the brand has made its presence felt globally, including in Africa.

Despite facing stiff competition from rival manufacturers in the phone market, Xiaomi has stood the test of time!

It is not surprising then that customers place a high demand and premium on its line of products-you can add Xiaomi phones to your "wish list" if you do not already own one of the flagship models.

This year, they come with a fervent determination to provide their customers with more innovative devices, ones that the entire continent of Africa cannot wait for.



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