Kenya Airways fights are free to access the Tanzanian airspace once against following talks between the Kenyan and Tanzanian authorities.

Coming just a day after Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) reciprocated restricted access to the country, Transport CS James Macharia announced that the standoff had since been resolved.

"This morning I held extensive discussions with my counterpart in Tanzania because there was an issue with regards to fights from Tanzania into Kenya. Indeed, Engineer Kamwere and I agreed that Kenya has never banned flights or travellers from Tanzania, what we have done is indicate certain health protocols for people arriving into the country.

Transport CS James Macharia
Transport CS James Macharia

"I'd like to confirm that we did agree with the Minister of Transport from Tanzania that we will be making this announcement that we did hold a virtual meeting and agree that the advisory given by TCAA will be reversed by the end of the day," CS Macharia announced.

The CS further termed the standoff as a minor issue which ws blown out of proportion.

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