23 Kirinyaga Members of County Assembly (MCAs) have announced that they will be pursuing court action against Governor Anne Waiguru following the failed ouster by impeachment.

In a press statement on Monday, a section of the MCAs stated that they will continue to seek justice for the people of Kirinyaga, claiming that Governor Waiguru had been saved by the Senate due to her powerful connections.

"To madam Waiguru...we now understand your nonchalant attitude toward the respects of the rule of law. We are aware that you are yet to face consequences of your actions against the people of Kirinyaga, however, nothing can stop and idea whose time has come.

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Mumbi Waiguru
Kirinyaga Governor Anne Mumbi Waiguru

"Your time to stop stealing and lying o the people of Kenya has come Madam, justice delayed is justice denied in the meantime but we shall not give up," MCA Kamau Murango stated.

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A lawyer representing the 23 MCAs who voted to have the Governor impeached stated that they shall be taking up the matter at the High Court.

"My clients were unhappy with what the Senate did and they must go to court to seek justice.

"We gave overwhelming evidence to prove that the governor was not fit to be in office but the Senate ignored it and cleared her. The Senate has dragged us behind in the battle to ensure there is democracy," lawyer Ndegwa Njiru explained.

Governor Waiguru, however, in a statement on Saturday stated that she had forgiven the MCAs who impeached her and asked them to cooperate with her government.

"But I have forgiven the forces behind my impeachment.

"We have much to do and little time to achieve it. My government remains ready and willing to do work with like-minded individuals committed to the service of the residents," she urged.