Billionaire Chris Kirubi's daughter marks 1 year since his passing

Marryanne Musangi who took over Kirubi's multi-billion business empire honoured his legacy at the Africa CEO Forum in Abidjan.

Maryanne Musangi, the late businessman Chris Kirubi's daughter

The family of the late billionaire Chris Kirubi has marked one year since his passing in 2021.

Kirubi’s commemoration was also marked at the recently concluded African CEOs summit 2022 in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire.

"14th June, is a very difficult day, the day my father Dr Chris Kirubi went to be with the Lord, a year ago. I pray that I spend this day honouring his name by representing his legacy at the Africa CEO Forum in Abidjan. Let us all build a better tomorrow for our African children,” Haco Industries MD Maryanne Musangi said.

Kirubi bequeathed most of his Sh20 billion wealth to his children Ms Musangi, Robert Kirubi and Fiona Wambui Kirubi.

Robert and Maryanne got the lion’s share of the wealth (80%) while their step-sister got 9.95% of the wealth. Kirubi also left a Sh4 million gift for his last-born daughter.

The businessman's siblings Anthony Maina, Michael Kirubi, Elizabeth Waithera and Salome Mburu split 20% of Kirubi’s wealth among themselves.

In a series of posts this week, various members of his family, friends and business associates shared messages and memories of the late business mogul.

Mariah Kirubi - one of his nieces - shared her fondest memory of ‘chairman’ who to her was simply Uncle Chris.

One of the memories about uncle Chris was ever since I was a child he was consistently the one person who used to ask for our report forms. Whether you see him at Chrismas or whatever occasion it is, he would find a way to ask about school and your report form.

When you tell him you are number one or you’ve led in something, how he would tell you you’ve done well is say you are not a sheep. When I grew older and come to him with a problem, the first thing he would say is you’re not a sheep,” she recalled.

Smart Applications Group Marketing Director Esther Kiringa said that sometimes Kirubi would call many times and she would ignore some of the calls.

As a marketer, he would call me at least three times a day; morning, lunchtime and evening. His first question was always what’s new? Meaning, what big deals have you closed? and don’t repeat yourself.

"I would conveniently miss his third call because if I had three updates I would skew them for a whole one week so that every day I am giving him something new for the five days of the week,” she shared.

Capital FM presenter Fareed Khimani recalled how concerned Kirubi was about his employees’ personal lives, recalling a day he went to the chairman’s house to talk about revenue.

Instead, Chris expressed interest to find out how the presenter's mother who was ailing at the time was recovering.

Fareed also explained why his office nickname was the Wildebeest; Kirubi used to joke that no matter where the presenter went, he would always return to Capital FM.


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