How gov't will select Kenyans to test drive on Nairobi Expressway

The trial dates will be announced soon by KeNHA

A general view of the Nairobi Expressway along Mombasa road in Nairobi on March 23, 2022. - The construction of the 27.1km Nairobi Expressway continues and is scheduled to be completed in June 2022. (Photo by SIMON MAINA/AFP via Getty Images)

Registration is currently ongoing to select the chosen few who will get the opportunity to test the Nairobi Expressway before it's open to the public.

According to Moja Expressway - the company set to operate and maintain the road for the next 27 years - the road has not been completed yet hence tests have to be conducted first before the public can access it.

The registration process is currently ongoing in the Ministry of Transport, Presidential Delivery Unit, Office of the Government Spokesperson, Moja Expressway staff, patrol teams and the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA).

Speaking to Nation, Moja Expressway spokeswoman Jeanne May Ongiyo stated: “Yes we are currently only registering the people whom we have worked with, but we are not yet open to the public. These are the people who will get the priority to test the highway.”

Moja Expressway and KeNHA are also expected to start guided tests of the road and installed systems, including automated toll gates, in the coming weeks.

Ongiyo also revealed that motorists using the Nairobi Expressway will have the option of paying electronically or through cash at the toll booths or tap and go using a Manual Toll Card.

Ongiyo further revealed Moja is offering motorists an Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) service, where they will be issued with cards that would offer fast and easy transit through the expressway.

Motorists would need to pay a service charge of Sh1,000. They would also be required to produce their ID cards as well as the vehicle's logbook as proof of ownership.

Motorists would also need to buy toll points of at least Sh2,000, which will be deducted whenever they use the road but are only valid for one year. Moja insisted the ETC was the best way as it offers users non-stop passage at the toll gates.


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