An Open Letter to Health CS Mutahi Kagwe

Dear Sen. Kagwe,

Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe

Sir, allow us to introduce ourselves, we are the Kenyans you are serving and we would like a quick word with you.

It is custom to begin with pleasantries so we'll admit that you have done a great job. Thank you for the memes.

Just like Githeri Man, we agree that you have provided much needed comic relief during a very glum time in history. As Kenyans, we would not object should the President decide to reward you for this kind service.

Thank you for teaching us new medical terms such as; epidemiology, case load, attack rate, contact tracing, close contacts, epidemiological curve, positivity rate and others that we may have forgotten.

Thank you for introducing Dr Mercy Mwangangi to us, we had only seen her name in the Gazette Notice when the President appointed her. Admittedly, we did not expect her to be all that she is, we expected less but can you blame us? We also appreciate Dr Rashid Aman.

Bwana Covid CS, though, we have a few issues that we need you to clarify.

We will not get into the theft of Covid-19 billions because we already know what you have to say about that.

Before President Uhuru Kenyatta (for whatever his reasons) appointed you to the health docket, what were you up to? Is it safe to assume you had been mobilizing efforts to improve Kenyan's healthcare system as part of the second-term Universal Healthcare agenda?

Pardon us for interrogating your past and your appointment. What are you up to now that you're where you are?

Because if we go by the daily briefings from Afya House then it's: Covid-19 data, receiving donations (without knowing where they will go), occasional commemorations of 'World Blood Donation Day', 'World Sickle Cell Day' and any other World Day.

Did 2020 see Kenya's Ministry of Health reduced to the centre for monitoring Kenya's Covid-19 situation?

We've also noticed that after we started questioning the embezzlement of Covid-19 funds you took a "leave of absence" from the daily briefings, did we offend you with those questions?

We can only hope that as you disappear from the public eye you are cleaning up the mess not making a bigger one.

Bwana CS Sir, we were told by your predecessor that we'd be updated on the uptake and success of UHC in the counties where it was piloted. Did we miss the updates?

What of the cancer care situation in the country? What of the environmental factors causing disease in parts of the country? What of the conflict of interest Bill that was meant to deal with disappearance of medicine in government facilities? Is the Ministry still handling those?

Would you like us to remember you as the "Covid CS"? A title that we have heard you tirelessly attempt to disown. Have you been distracted by the global pandemic that you have lost sight of Kenya's top health priorities? Have you been so focused on building a Covid-19 fund that you've forgotten to participate in improving access to healthcare for those in remote Kenya?

We just wonder what else happens at Afya House before the often late Covid-19 presser in the afternoon.

Care to indulge our curiosity?


Concerned Kenyan Citizens (and part-time Kagwe fans)

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