Chiloba’s leaked document reveals shameful details on Chebukati

The leaked document sheds light on the issues that marred the August 8 election.

In the leaked memo, Chiloba responded to the issues that had been raised by Chebukati in a famous memo that went public after the Supreme Court nullified the August 8 poll.

In his response, Chiloba appears to lecture his Chairman and challenges’s Chebukati’s intellectual capacity to handle technical issues in the electoral body.

At the onset, the IEBC CEO faults the tone of the Chairman's memo, and reminds him that the August 8 was a collective responsibility between the secretariat and the commissioners.

“The election was conducted by the commission comprising of commissioners and the secretariat, who by law bear joint responsibility," the memo reads in part.

On the question of why Chebukati’s username was used to conduct over nine thousand transactions without his approval or knowledge, Chiloba accuses the Chairman of being absent minded at a meeting where the decision was made.

“I have followed up the issue with the ICT team and the feedback I have is that they were also not fully satisfied with the level of concentration during the briefing. In essence there was a communication problem that must be addressed going forward," Chiloba notes.

The IEBC CEO also appeared to question his Chairman’s understanding of basic IT processes.

In response to a question on switching off of geo-fencing and GPRS features in the election kits, Chiloba states “first all, I am informed that GPRS and Geo-fencing features mean different things. GPRS means the 2G/3G/4G feature on the device. This feature was always on for the purposes of transfer of data.”

He adds that the KIEMS kits did not have a geo-fencing feature and sarcastically wonders how such a feature could be turned off if it did not exist in the first place.

Chiloba was also tough on Chebukati’s insinuation that the transmission system was porous.

“At no point did the commission recommend use of alternative mechanism such as IP address as alluded in your memo. I am informed by the ICT team that IP address system is a unique machine identifier and as such not an alternative to SFTP deployed by the commission,” Chiloba concludes.

The Embattled CEO has taken a three-week leave that will keep him off from the running of the repeat election.


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