Popular Comedian Chipukeezy has ruffled a few feathers with his interviews and jokes on his Ebru TV Show ‘Chipukeezy Show’.

Fans have accused him of being rude to his guests, looking down on them and being combative in the way he poses questions to some of his guests.

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Another section of Kenyans complained that he doesn’t have any serious guests on his show as he usually has ‘socialites’ and guests who are trending on his couch, mostly for all the wrong reasons.

Chipukeezy has now responded to the backlash on social media and said that most people misunderstand him and what his show is about. But regardless of the negativity, he is happy people are watching his show.

“I think people sometimes misunderstand me, and generally what this show is all about. It is supposed to be both funny but full of content. I talk to people on the trend, popular or unpopular. I give people a platform to explain and express themselves to the society over things they could be misunderstood about. It is not just about talking to stars who have made it. I think with time, people will understand what this is all about. I’m glad about the feedback. It means they are watching,” he told Pulse.