Common night mistakes that are making you fat

You get fatter each day

Fat man holding snacks(Ebony Magazine)

Weight loss is more than eating healthy and exercising. If you are struggling to maintain a healthy weight despite a healthy diet and exercising, the problem could be the things you do at night.

We pick some habits and before we know it, It’s become a routine that is too hard to eliminate. If you have been doing these things at night, you need to stop or you will keep on getting fatter:

1. Late night eating

Having dinner shortly before bed means that your sleep will be disrupted. Also, your metabolism slows down during sleep leading to weight gain. Always eat a few hours before sleep and eat at the same time each day.

2. Overeating dinner

If you have eaten healthy throughout the day, it’s tempting to cheat at dinner and eat more. This, however, should not be the case. You should only eat a very light meal for dinner since the body is less active at night.

3. Not sleeping enough

Lacking sleep will make you tired and irritable. When your body is stressed, it’s easy to turn to food as a solution.

4. Late night coffee

Research shows a close relationship between late night coffee drinkers and weight gain. Instead of coffee, a cup of herbal tea will do.

5. Snacking after dinner

Giving in to late night snacking is another culprit. Try as much as you can to avoid snacking after dinner.

6. Skipping dinner

In a bid to lose weight, some people opt to skip dinner altogether and this is a big mistake. Starving yourself at night will disrupt your sleep and you may be forced to wake up at night only to end up eating something unhealthy. Simply take a light meal rather than skipping it.


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