Short on cash but want to impress? 5 reasons to do date-night at home

You don’t need to leave the house - or even the couch - for date-night, your house is perfect location.

Date night

You don’t need to leave the house - or even the couch - for date-night when you’ve got an amazing selection of funny and romantic series at your fingertips. Snuggle up to your beloved, and hit “Play” on any of these shows about beautiful people looking for love:

Cougar Town

After her divorce, Jules has a new lease on life. While raising her son and trying to be a good role model to her ditzy protege Laurie, she’s also on the lookout for love. Will her handsome neighbour Grayson (Josh Hopkins), also newly divorced, save the day? Courteney Cox shines in this smart, sexy comedy - and Josh Hopkins is pretty easy on the eye, too. Watch now on ShowMax Premium* »


Think there’s a thin line between love and hate? Gregory House, MD, doesn’t think so. He’s a medical genius who gets away with total disregard for courtesy, politeness and hospital policy because he’s so brilliant at what he does. But his personal life is a mess. Watch this hit series from the very beginning to see how he copes with the chemistry in his love-hate-love relationship with gorgeous Dr Lisa Cuddy. Watch now on ShowMax Select and ShowMax Premium »


With plenty of eye-candy for both you and your partner, Suits is a date-night winner, packed to the brim with glamorous women and sharply dressed men. Harvey Specter hires deadbeat college dropout Mike Ross as an associate at his law firm because of his genius IQ and street smarts. But how long can they keep Mike’s background a secret? And when will Mike and paralegal Rachel finally admit to their feelings for each other? Watch now on ShowMax Premium* »


Remember what it was like to start dating someone in your 20s? Sure, it was fun, but would you actually want to do it all over again? Liza Miller does - a forty-something divorcee, she poses as a 26-year-old to pursue her career, and to date at least one very handsome younger man. Her crazy ups and downs will remind you how wonderful it is to be in the comfortable stage of your loving relationship. Watch now on ShowMax Premium* »


Think your family (or your in-laws) have a lot of issues? Wait til you meet the Bravermans. Zeek and Camille have been married for 46 years, and there’s plenty of unspoken tension between them, which anyone in a long-term relationship will be able to relate to. Find out what happens when their children and grandchildren come together, with all their own personal problems and love-life complications, in this award-winning comedy-drama that will make you shed a tear or two. Watch now on ShowMax Select and ShowMax Premium »

These series are available to stream or download on ShowMax for a pocket-friendly monthly subscription. ShowMax has two subscription options: ShowMax Select for Ksh 330 per month, which brings you a selection of local and international content (including House Season 1 and Parenthood), and ShowMax Premium for Ksh 880 per month, which brings you the full catalogue, including local hits and major international releases.  Go to ShowMax to sign up now »

*These series are only available on ShowMax Premium.


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