Relationship tips for men to help them understand women better

“Women are complicated!” an everyday complain I’m sure we have all heard or said. Women and men are different, if you have not yet grasped that, don’t you think it‘s about time?

Khal Drogo

Men are not nurtures by nature: you were not raised with skills on how to cultivate happy and healthy relationships, because men want to be all macho in lovey dovey stuff, we all yearn to live and be loved and it’s not too late to learn how to develop these skills now!

So set down the manipulative games and tricks and learn tips from world-renown relations experts

Cheyenne Bostock- a Life & Relationship Expert & Author of two best-selling self-help books

A woman NEEDS to feel secure. Don’t create an environment where she has to keep guessing.

Tip #1 Be forthcoming with information- when we ask something, its because we have an inclination something is up. So don’t be coy, feeding us half-truths. We may agree with the b.s you feed us, but we are still investigating.

Tip #2 Take the lock off your phone- why have a password if you have nothing to hide?

Tip #3 Communicate your plans for the future- makes us know there’s apossibility to be in your life in the future.

Tip #4 Eliminate all female friends- or you make us all a one happy group of friends, because we are joining this friendship.

Owen Williams- “GuyTalk” Radio Show co-host and author of The Relationship Revolution

You make us nag. We hate nagging, our own ears loath hearing us nag all day err day. But you cause our nag.

According to Owen, want to stop your woman’s nagging? Be a man of your word. Say you going to do something then do it. Lying weakens your integrity, loss of integrity means we trust your word no more.

Judith Tutin- PhD, ACC, licensed psychologist and author of one book


Tip #1 Listen- women LOVE to be heard. We love talking and more for someone to listen to us. You need to learn listening-skills. Listen don’t fix

Tip #2 Being open- communicate what you feel about her, the relationship; is it open, exclusive or FWB’s. Mind-games are for kids, be real with what you want.

Tip #3 Man up- glad you and your mother get along. But please please do not be a “mama’s boy”. We need to come first in the relationship. Can’t be running to your mama for every decision making process, then why are we in your life?

Jasbina Ahluwalia- Matchmaker/Dating Coach and Radio Show host

Confidence. Not a cocky sort of self-assurance, but having a sense of comfort in your own skin and who you are being. Be a Man, not a wuss.

Tip #1 Non-Verbal’s- touch, smile long stares…makes us feel beautiful and sexy. You leave us wondering what you are thinking and we keep up with what made you give us that look before.

Tip #2 Ask Her Opinion-we have a mind too. So unless we need your input, let us way in on the issue. Not all of us want to be chosen for a meal or clothes to wear.

That said, relationships are not easy, they are  always a "work in progress." So you need to put in work for the "one."


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