NASA to announce presidential results

NASA has urged Kenyans to be ready.

NASA coordinating committee co-chairman James Orengo said the move is meant to prepare Kenyans in case the IEBC tries to compromise the results.

Speaking during a NASA rally inGem and Alego/Usonga constituencies, Orengo said according to the law the Opposition have not been directed to wait for the IEBC results to make known its tallied version.

“As IEBC will be counting, we will also count. When they transmit, our agents will also transmit,” the Senator declared.

Already, hundreds of high-tech communication gadgets to be used in NASA’s vote protection strategy have begun arriving in the country, with polls only 24 days away.

NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga is on record claiming President Uhuru Kenyatta has no chance of beating him in the August 8 polls “if the elections are free and fair.”

The recent ruling by the courts in favour of constituency level presidential results in favour of the Opposition has roundly been welcomed by NASA.

"Now that the court has agreed with us, the reign of Jubilee is coming to an end. All their avenues for rigging have been blocked and they are headed home.

We will keep vigil at all polling stations, tally our own results, announce what we have and compare it with what the IEBC will have," Raila affirmed.


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