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10 media personalities who’ve been on top of their game for over 10 years

Consistency is the name of the game.

10 media personalities who’ve been on top of their game for over 10 years

Media personalities rise and fall from grace before we know them. Others, however, beat all odds and stayed true to their cause in and out of season. This is how they kept their eyes on the prize;

Moh Spice - Mastering your craft

Moh Spice found his niche in the reggae industry and stuck to it. He loved reggae from a young age and once he learned the basics as a DJ, he picked pace, set up his company, and signed other DJs.


DJ Demakufu - Knowing your audience

Matatu culture in Kenya never grows old, it evolves. The constant factor? A good jav has good music. Dj Demakufu understood the assignment. He learnt from his predecessors in the street music mixes and serves the audience right. Today, most matatus play mixes by Demakufu. He went from being a matatu DJ to making appearances in clubs. The mix master started his own DJ school where he teaches the craft to upcoming jockeys.

Mbusi – Seizing the Moment

Mbusi saw an opportunity and seized it. Sheng’ is one of the most understood slangs by a majority of Kenyans because it incorporates Kiswahili. Sheng’ combined with reggae, now that was a gold mine, and Mbusi has maintained his brand to date.


Talia Oyando - Persistence and work ethic

Millennials would choke if they worked for free when their internship was over, but Talia kept appearing until she got noticed and landed a lucrative deal. She is a media personality that has remained relevant for her persistence and work ethic.

MC Full Stop - Creating your community

The reggae hype man has capitalized on setting trends in the reggae community, and this has built his audience. Mc Full stop’s focus on reggae began from a young age and his mixes remain a favorite for many. His signature style of Emceeing is a favorite judging from the many TikTok creators who recreate his funny remarks.


Nazizi - Leveraging Brand Legacy

The first lady of hip hop from her days in Necessary Noize, is now transitioning to reggae on radio, Nazizi has mastered the art of leveraging on brand legacy and it has helped her stay on top of her game.

J Blessing - Diversifying your income streams

Everyone in the entertainment industry knows his name. J blessing pursued film, and he focused on expanding his business within his niche specifically video directing and producing. He is a master of TV show music production and many musicians today can attribute their success to him.


After his success in music and the Churchill Show, J Blessing also established a digital marketing agency. Media aside, he has his own brand of audio devices such as earphones and portable speakers.

Patrick Igunza - Expanding your skillset.

The secret of the gig economy is to expand your skillset. Patrick remains one of the media personalities who remained true to his cause by expanding his skills. His diversity paid off at Royal media services where he hosts a radio show, reports on business news and revolutionized business dialogues by unveiling the country’s first sheng’ business radio show. His versatility is his lucky charm. He comfortably interacts with audiences of different backgrounds in English, Swahili and Sheng’, therefore, being culturally appropriate.

Rapcha The Sayantist - Being authentic never goes out of style


Staying relevant on radio is not an easy fete but Rapcha the Sayantist charmed his way from a humble background to ghetto radio all the way to hot96 where he co-hosts ‘The dropzone’. He makes entertainment personal for his listeners and they come back for more.

Mwafreeka - Adapting to new trends

Mwafreeka went from being a rapper, to one of the longest-serving radio presenters at Ghetto Radio which he helped establish. Adapting to new trends has kept Mwafreeka on the map. Podcasts were, and still are a novel idea. Few jumped on board as content creators, but millions are on board as listeners, making it the perfect platform to remain relevant and in the spotlight without chasing clout. With over 70 episodes, ‘Iko nini’ was a gamechanger for Mwafreeka.


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