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Robert Alai Threatens Uhuru’s Government

Things falling apart

The blogger has threatened to withdraw his support for the current regime, if a given condition is not met by the government of the Republic of Kenya.

Alai who has openly declared support for the President and his team after falling out with the opposition, sent out tweets to express his displeasure with the way betting companies have threatened to withdraw sponsorship of local sports.

In the tweets, Alai expresses support for the 35 percent tax imposed on betting companies and that he will withdraw his support for the government if the tax imposed is suspended.


“If the government will suspend the 35% tax on Gambling, I will immediately withdraw my support for the government. Sportpesa and all the betting forms MUST NOT be allowed to blackmail the President. 35% taxation is low. Should be at least 75%,” Reads Alai’s tweet.

The blogger also said that the Kenyan government charges very little tax on gambling, adding that some of the developed countries charge up to 90 percent tax on gambling.

Betting company Sportpesa had written to all football clubs in had sponsored in 2017, withdrawing their sponsorship citing high taxation by the government.

The betting company had called for consultations with the government and other stakeholders where they would be allowed to carry on with sports sponsorships in exchange for a more lenient tax rate.

The withdrawal of sponsorship has seen various sports clubs and organizations suspend their activities for the time being.


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