6 biggest celebrity weight loss transformations of 2018 (Photos)

Major transformations.

Sakaja before after

From sacrificing your favourite cheesy and fried foods to shunning our beloved fries to gruelling hours at the gym; the journey is a long, tough one but not an impossible one either.

Taking our Kenyan celebrities for example; they have eaten and exercised their ways to slimmer, healthier physiques that definitely make us want to hit the gym come 2019.

Here are the top weight loss transformations of 2018:

1. Johnson Sakaja

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has been looking a lot trimmer recently and there is a reason for that, exercise and a better diet.

The Senator has been hitting the gym on a regular, watching his portion size and reducing his carbohydrate intake.

Factors which he revealed helped him lose 24 Kgs.  Speaking on Milele FM, he advised against excessive alcohol consumption as it contributes to calorie intake. “Adui sio nyama ni pombe, that’s what adds calories mingi sana, kama lazma unywe unapunguza tu. Afya ni muhimu.”

2. Willis Raburu

The once towering TV personality now boasts of a much trimmer figure after hitting the gym following worrying news by the doctor about his cholesterol levels. But it’s not only his body that has gained from this but his mind too as he has a much higher self-esteem after losing the excess weight.

“I am more confident now. My esteem is way up, I know it’s hard to believe it was down. It made a difference in my pocket too because now I have to shop for new clothes, but it is a good problem hahaha!” he said.

3. Miss Mandi

The Throwdown Queen showed that she can also throw down in the gym after losing a couple of pounds.

Her decision to hit the gym was as a birthday gift to herself plus she wanted to revel in looking at herself in the mirror and enjoy her body

Posting a picture of her new bod, Mandi wrote “New body, who dis? Every year for my birthday (April 25th) I usually gift myself with a little something something. This year going back to the gym was the gift…When I was younger I used to be so full of myself because my genes were loyal af but the older I got my genes decided it’s time to betray me! See, I had mastered the art of wearing things that hid my thickness. As much as I hid my thickness ppl felt the need to remind me of how I’ve put on weight. I found the comments to be very unnecessary. Matter of fact, ppl need to stop minding other ppls bodies. Anywho, what bothered & motivated me was I wanted to enjoy looking at myself naked or just in the mirror & be in love with my bod. To make this long story short, I WANTED TO BE MY OWN BODY GOALS. It’s been 4 months now & man I’m just getting started.”

4. Jane Mukami

The Fit Kenyan girl lost her brother to suicide last year and as a way of coping with her grief, she turned to her favourite carb-heavy comfort food leading to a weight gain of 7.5 kilos in less than 4 weeks.

In addition, she quit working out compounding the weight gain situation.

As she edged closer to her birthday, she re-committed herself to working out and clean eating, giving herself time to slowly lose the weight.

“I paced myself because I had a lot of internal reconciling to do. With a body type that is quick to gain, yet very slow to lose weight, I had to find a goal, something that would motivate me to raise from my ashes. I boxed myself in by promising to be at my best by my next birthday. 6 months later I turned 38, had met my goal and ditched 20 pounds/ 10 kilos 2 weeks prior. I was back to my old self,” she wrote.

5. Yummy Mummy

Yummy Mummy also known as Joan Munyi boasts of a 30 Kg weight loss. The hilarious lifestyle blogger/YouTube personality went on a low carb diet as she wanted to feel confident and sexy and feel good while wearing clothes. In addition, she wanted to be in the best physical shape for her family.

Joan disclosed that she added 27 Kilograms during her pregnancy and was 107 Kgs when she gave birth to her daughter. But she is now much lighter after losing 30 Kilograms in a year thanks to a change in lifestyle.

“I decided to go on a low carb diet, the Keto diet. I don’t talk about it like a diet but a lifestyle as it’s something that I want to do my whole life and basically what it involves is I cut out all sugar, I cut out all refined carbohydrates. I cut out all carbohydrates that are not gotten from green vegetables so now my diet consists of is meat and veggies, ” she disclosed on her YouTube Channel.

6. Maureen Kunga

The lovely singer has had a long battle with the bulge that involved horrible ‘quick-result’ methods of weight loss where she would lose weight in a fleeting moment then gain it back. She finally succeeded in getting to a much healthier weight by embracing a healthy lifestyle.

Taking to social media, Maureen surprised fans with a before and after picture before opening up about her weight loss journey.

“I achieved something I had never thought possible and I’m proud of myself for it. For years, my weight was a genuine cause of pain - something I never openly discussed, maybe because of fear of insult, maybe because it was truly something that I thought I would never be able to overcome. Maybe because I was truly embarrassed and ashamed to be so heavy. I tried and failed, used horrible ‘quick-result’ methods of weight loss that never stuck. I broke myself down in my mind and could not see myself as anything other than a "’fat girl’. I destroyed my own self-esteem. But in 2016 I made the decision that I would stop punishing myself and I would give myself permission to take my weight-loss into my own hands and find something I can commit to. And here we are! 16kgs (and a few to go), and a whole lot of self-esteem later, I am happy, and I am proud,” read part of Maureen’s post.


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