Classic FM presenter spills the beans on his ex whom he beat senseless

Nick Odhiambo has been accused of battering his ex sweetheart one too many times. But the Classic FM presenter has now narrated what his ex put him through to the extent of deciding to beat her up.


Jane Mwai has accused Nick Odhiambo for battering her for the three years they dated; she told the Nairobian that the Classic FM presenter started smacking her way back in 2013.

Nick was quoted by the Nairobian confessing to beating up Jane Mwai, but he also revealed that the lady pushed him into battering her.

“I don’t deny that I hit her, but I was pushed to the edge and I really regret this. When we met, she confessed that policemen wanted to blackmail me. She then started flirting with other men and smoking weed in my car. That pushed me to the limit and I lost my temper,” Nick told the Nairobian.

The Classic FM presenter also mentioned the June 2016 incident where a photo of Jane lying naked next to an unidentified man surfaced online through a whatsapp screenshot.

Nick says Jane was the one who leaked the photo and that she has a habit of flirting with other men even in his presence.

“I have been quiet about this issue but this woman has really been pushing me to the edge. One time a friend showed me nude photos of her that she had shared. She flirts and giggles with men when she is around me. Then another time she started telling me how close she was with a retired footballer to a point she got whores for him. Yet, every time I leave her, she comes looking for me. I’m done.” Nick revealed.

He also made it clear that Jane has continued to blackmail him even though he was no longer dating her and had also zero interest in her.

“Although this is a woman I had a fling with sometime back, we decided to move on but for some strange reason she continues to blackmail me even after knowing too well that I have no interest in her anymore. To make matters worse she keeps sending me text messages insisting that I either give her the sum of Sh2 million for her upkeep or failure to do that she will blackmail me.”


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