Musician’s death leaves her son helpless, battling life threatening condition

Achieng’ Abura’s death leaves her son in a helpless position as he is yet to get treatment for his life threatening condition

Achieng’ Abura’s death has caught many by surprise but she has been suffering for a long time. Her major struggle has been the depression and agony caused by watching her only son Prince suffer, as she sought specialized medical treatment that he could get only abroad.

For 5 years, Achieng’ struggled and sought funds to get her son to UK. The struggle changed her outlook as she revealed in an interview with Jackson Biko as those she thought as friends panned her at her time of need.

Her son Prince is still in need of urgent medical condition. He has been suffering from a heart condition while at the same time being treated for sickle cell anemia a condition he was born with. In her own words describing her son’s condition as well as explaining her struggle to raise funds the late Achieng’ Abura said

“My son Prince was born with Sickle Cell Anemia. About five years ago, it got complicated with a heart disorder that has kept him in chronic crises and is now affecting other organs. The disorder can be treated and we have assistance from a facility in London to treat him at almost no cost as it is a very expensive procedure.

However, we are raising funds to enable the other costs such as the airlift and recuperation requirements. I believe that he will be able to live a normal life after he gets this treatment and seek your kind assistance towards this. I have tried to raise funds twice before but both times were totally unsuccessful. I am not giving up. I know that we can raise this money and will not stop till I get him the treatment he needs. I need your kind assistance.”

This was her appeal on the fund raising platforms including M-Changa. She was so determined and sure her son will make it.

She will to see it but given the criticism and slamming many of ‘her friends’ have been given for their hypocrisy and the prominence her death has brought to her condition, her son should sure be able to raise the 4 million shillings needed.


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