Actress Mishi Dorah’s ‘Mother’ laid to Rest today (Photos)

Rest in power mama

Actress Mishi Dorah’s ‘Mother’ laid to Rest today (Photos)

Actress Mishi Dorah's Mother (not biological) was laid to rest on Thursday, after passing away on June, 20th 2020.

The actress paid tribute to the white lady who took care of her as her own child and made sure she is educated and everything is provided.

In her earlier post, Dorah had mentioned that the white lady who became her mother gave her everything and she will be always grateful for her generosity.

My hero has fallen

“My hero has fallen.. eeeh.. where do I even start from?? The pain am feeling in my heart right now is just out of this world...there would have been no me without you playing your part in it... You was the best mum anyone could have asked for.. where will I get the warm hugs from?? Who will respond immediately whenever I'm in trouble or unwell?? How can I be given a precious gift like you and then again be taken away from me just like that?? How unfair can this life be?? My kids and I were lucky to have you... You took care of us as if we were your own.. you gave us a home that we never had.. gave us education and loved us unconditionally... you never gave up on me when the whole world did... Covenant family mourns and celebrates you at the same time... My heart is heavy... I feel lost foreal.. I feel like a part of me has left ... Go well my treasure.. go well my love.. it's indeed a dark day today..😭😭😭😭 #feelinglost,” shared Mishi Dorah.

Rest in power mama

In a separate post, the former Nairobi Diaries actress wrote;

“It's your last day with us physically today... But forever with us spiritually... I know you'll always watch over us... I love you mum .. always will... Continue resting in power my queen

In all we give thanks my love... You lit a candle for us and we'll try do the same for others... You looked so beautiful today just as you've always been... Rest in power mama🙏"



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