Jalang’o blasted after ‘reckless’ comments following Ivy Wangechi’s death

Do not promise what you can’t deliver - Jalang’o.

Adelle Onyango blasts Jalang’o after ‘ignorant and reckless’ comments following Ivy Wangechi’s death

Comedian Jalang’o recently took to Instagram to dish out some advice to the ladies following the brutal murder of university student Ivy Wangechi.

 “I think it’s time we became honest with each other….Too many young beautiful girls are dying some of the saddest deaths you can’t wish for someone’s daughter! It is time we discussed this issue! Rule one! No man gives any woman anything for free! Yes, I said it! Men can we tell them this! Even your dad takes you to school so that at old age and when he can’t provide for himself he will depend on you! So my sister before you take any money from any man just ask them what they want in return and if you can’t offer what they want, RETURN IT! SIMPLE DO NOT PROMISE WHAT YOU CAN’T DELIVER!” read part of his post.

He then went to warn ladies against ‘exchanging lies for a man’s hard earned money.’

“People work soo hard for their money my sister! Do not exchange lies for a man’s hard earned money! My sister …my daughter when you decide to live beyond what your parents can afford be ready to pay the price that the owner of your lifestyle will ask! Men are born investors and when they invest in you they expect returns! If you can’t give the returns just live the life your parents can afford! And nothing is as good as you being able to afford that life!

Do not be sad that your age mate is in Dubai and wearing all the latest hair and clothes, they may be sad for what they had to do to be in Dubai and sad that they don’t even love that person they are within Dubai! Be warned my sister…my daughter…men also have feelings and when promised they want the promise! Do not be a victim! Do not be depressed! One step at a time! Before you take anyone one money and gifts, before he pays for your school fees and rent…before you take the plane to that trip. Before you dress in that latest Gucci dress, before you carry that David Jones bag ask him what he wants…if you can give what he wants go ahead if you can’t live the life your parents can afford! See you all the hardworking women at the top!”

Mixed Reactions

His statement has received mixed reactions with some thinking that his advice was great, others thinking that it was tasteless and ill-timed while others felt that his statement somehow justified Ivy’s brutal murder.

One of the people who was strongly offended by his statement was Adelle who wrote “This is quite ignorant and reckless. So we must adjust to tolerate murderers? Women have been murdered because of saying NO (something they have the right to say at any moment) and you say this? 37 women since January killed – FEMICIDE and you say this. It’s exhausting – constantly being told to keep safe because men have decided to be killers! Every woman will tell you how they have to adjust everyday actions just so that they don’t suffer the aggression of men. There is no difference between your train of thought and those that justify rape because they bought drinks. (They too claim drinks to be an “investment”) Don’t teach us how to avoid getting killed – tell them not to kill us, attack us, rape us.”

“So, according to Jalang’o, relationships are transactional. And interestingly if women agree to these transactional terms we're still called hoes. We refuse and we're murdered,” Ciru Muriuki commented.

Other celebrities like Comedian YY and Akothee agreed with his statement.

“First let me condemn the brutal act that Man did…..secondly, bad people are bad people and we can’t change them….in this case, we are only in control of our own situations…so dear Women, don’t take offence when Told to be careful, please BE…If you use a good man they will just let it fly…but not everyone is a good person,…there are psychos out here and they can’t be known by just looking….May She rest in peace,” YY wrote while Akothee added, “ If I would say, wangesema ninasema vibaya @veshashaillan @rue.baby @fancy_makadia please read this.”


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