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Jalang'o quickly deletes post after public embarrassment by Adelle Onyango

This is not first time the two are clashing

Adelle Onyango blasts Jalang’o after ‘ignorant and reckless’ comments following Ivy Wangechi’s death

Media Personality Adelle Onyango embarrassed Milele FM’s Jalang’o, branding him a liar after he went public insinuating that she had invited him to her new show dubbed "PursePective".

Jalang’o put up a photo posing with Ms Onyango with information that Adelle would be hosting him soon on her podcast that focuses on gender equality, women empowerment and inclusion.

“Few moons ago with le siz @adelleonyango ...she will be hosting me soon on her new project #perspective” captioned Jalang’o.



However, his sentiments didn't augur well with Adelle, who opted to call him out, for lying to the public.

In her response, the former Kiss 100 Presenter noted that Jalang’o had a very toxic view when it comes to "Femicide" and she is not ready to amplify his sentiments on her platform.

She also corrected him saying he had misspelled the name of her show by writing “perspective” instead of “PursePective”.

“1st it’s PursePective. 2ndly I haven’t invited you so please don’t allude to that. I still believe you have a very toxic view on Femicide that I absolutely will not amplify on my platform,” reads Adelle’s response.


Post Deleted

Following the public embarrassment, Jalango’ quickly deleted the post, but Instagram paparazzi’s had already taken screenshots of the show down.

This is not that first time Jalang’o and Adelle Onyang’o are clashing. In April, Jalang’o took to his Instagram to dish out some advice to the ladies following the brutal murder of university student Ivy Wangechi.

But his words were received with mixed reactions, with Adelle saying he was ignorant and reckless.



Upon partying ways with Radio Africa Group, Adelle started her own podcast, where women can talk about their experiences in relation to gender equality while men can objectively respond with their perspective.

“The narrative of the podcast is based on the premise that in the patriarchal nature of society, men have a privileged hand and many times do not even realise it,. The aim of this podcast is to bring this to light, highlighting for men the privilege they may take for granted,” Adelle noted.


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