The most expensive item Shaffie Weru owns

What's the most expensive item the Raverend owns? Find out below.

So Pulse Live decided to find out what is his most expensive possession and this is what he had to say. “I owned a very expensive watch but it was stolen when my house was robbed. It cost me Sh850, 000. Sometimes in a year, you can do so many shows, gigs, endorsements and stuff so you have to spoil yourself. My watches are my life.”

And if you thought that the Sh850, 000 price tag on the watch was impressive, Shaffie intends on going a notch higher and buying another expensive watch.

“ I want to buy another watch for around the same amount and I got a good deal from it, the original price was close to 1.2 Million but I got it for a lesser amount about 990,000.Sometimes I go broke but when I have money I spend it. I don’t know what to expect tomorrow  and I don’t want to be that guy that left money stashed in the mattress or in the bank.” He revealed.

His watches are not his only pricey possession as the Raverend owns 2 British cars, one Japanese car, a quad bike and speed bike.

“My cars are so expensive. I have 2 British cars and a Japanese car. I have a Spider which is a quad bike and I have a speed bike which is also Japanese. So I have two bikes 3 cars. One is Nia’s school bus and the other one is what my baby mama Jada uses.”


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