Caroline Mutoko’s amazing gift to Nigerian TV host [Video]

Popular Nigerian TV host caught the attention of Caroline Mutoko after...

Ms. Mutoko asked her fans to look for Ms. Fayehun after a video of her praising Kenya's Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) project went viral on the internet.

In her show dubbed , the TV host is in awe of the SGR project especially the railway station highlighting that it was much better that the one in her home country.

Adeola highlights that she was perplexed when Kenyans on social media complained that the Government had robbed the country dry, through what many termed as a substandard SGR.

The journalist told Kenyans that unlike SGR which cost $3.2 Billion Nigeria’s train project went for a whopping $12 Billion, yet there was little to show for it.

"Can you believe that this whole thing, the train, the train station it cost $3.2 billion? Father, how much did we spend on our trains in Nigeria? You see, this is why I have not slept and I haven’t eaten?

“The train stations in Kenya looks nicer than our international airport. Nigerians you see how our officials are short changing us. Didn’t we spend Sh12 billion while Kenya just spent Sh3.2 billion?

“A lot of Kenyans have been obsessed that the Government stole money saying that they should have produced better. But for  me, you are lucky you have something to show for it,” a dramatic Adeola said.

Following the video, Ms Mutoko stated that she was ready to pay for her trip to the Mara for her kind sentiments about Kenya.

“Find this Nigerian sister and tell her we love her and our trains are awesome! When she wants a trip to the Mara I'll pay,” the former KISS 100 show host said.

In the recording, Adeola noted that she was happy with the Kenyan Government because it had an elaborate plan to connect the nation with the neighboring countries through SGR unlike Nigeria.

The SGR was launched on May 31, 2017 by President Uhuru Kenyatta when he made his maiden trip from Mombasa to Nairobi.

After the launch, Kenyans heavily criticized the trains with many highlighting the downsides

Here is the video:


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