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AFRIMA Award's apology to Kenyan Tetu Shani backfires online

Organisers of the AFRIMA Awards received backlash from Twitter users across Africa who described the apology as shameful.


Organisers of the All African Music Awards have responded to complaints issued by Kenya artist Tetu Shani over the poor planning and coordination of the AFRIMA Awards held in Lagos on November 21, 2021.

In its statement, the International Executive Committee apologised to Tetu Shani for the terrible experience and vowed to investigate and take corrective measures.

However, many Twitter users faulted the organisers for what they termed as a poorly written response that tried to paint the artist as bitter for not winning in his categories.


Although some of the nominees that didn't win are unhappy, it is our goal to widely celebrate the hard work of all music icons on the Continent regardless of their nationalities, gender or language,” read part of the controversial apology.

Shani was nominated in the ‘Best Artiste, Duo or Group in African Rock’ category for ‘Furukazi’, his hit track.

Despite Tetu Shani is a Kenyan musician, his plight resonated with many people across the continent who expressed their displeasure at the organisers.

Twitter users also accused the organisers of failing to address some of the issues raised by Tetushani.

This is a very shameful response. You guys can do better now, this is an annual event which gives ample time for its planning so why can’t it be at least near perfect,” Nedu Emmanuel said.


What is this supposed to mean? That he had a bad experience because he didn't win? Because he didn't win or you knew he wouldn't win means he should be treated in such a way? Well, maybe you should just invite winners only,” commented Oladipo Rahmon.

You can't even be professional in your response. Which one is nominees that didn't win are unhappy??. Doesn't speak well of your brand. This is Shameful, to say the least,” said Ada Idemili.

Did you see that part where they said though some of the nominees that didn't win were unhappy? I am trying to understand what that means in relation to the issue at hand,” Nuel Bomaye wondered.

Tetushani had offered his feedback of the event, noting that some of the items promised by the organisers such as meals were not fully catered for and that some artists were forced to pay or stay hungry.


The musician also faulted the hospitality providers and event handlers for not being forthright with the attendees and in some cases, they were left stranded.

He had also raised issues of poor diversity in terms of event panellists whom he said were not a true representation of the different counties and cultures showcased.

This was a potentially powerful moment where music professionals from each region in Africa could provide perspective and solutions on the unique challenges of artists and stakeholders in the individual regions but nope. It was all Nigerian perspectives,” Tetushani noted.

Please diversify your moderators. Diversify your panelists as well. They can't and shouldn't be mostly Nigerian men. If each region is represented, it will provide a more comprehensive view of what the music industry in Africa looks like,” he said.


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