'Noah' from the Bible making rounds in the streets of Nairobi (Photo)

A few hours after a man resembling biblical Jesus was seen walking in the streets of Nairobi. Another man resembling Noah has caused a major stir at the CBD.

Jesus strolling in town

The guy apparently is preaching near the Mr Price stalls in town and judging from the photo making rounds on social media most people in town have started gathering around to listen to him

What’s more surprising is that this particular guy is dressed like the Noah from the Bible, something we saw with ‘Jesus’ too.

However unlike ‘Jesus’ Noah is in sandals and is seen carrying something like a sheep's clothing and his leather purse that compliments his beard and unkempt hair.

At this rate, this English men will probably dress up like everybody in the Bible which might confuse most believers as most people already assume the last days are already with us.


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