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KTN's Akisa Wandera reveals unknown details of her 1st day on screen

Akisa Wandera discloses interesting revelations

Akisa has opened up about her experience after two years of working as an anchor for the media organization owned by the Moi family.

She has revealed that she was forced to present news on her first day which was contrary to the earlier plan where she was to familiarize with the place and the people around.

It happened that there were no anchors to present news on that day and Akisa had to do it. The TV beauty narrates the story adding that she was nervous and sweaty all over.


“The 3-4pm news (which I did terribly btw)..It was decided that I would be "launched “that night on prime time. I will have to do a presentation then.”

She shared the inspiring story on her social media exiting her fans. Some of their comments were

“Sasa you have arrived and are calling all those smiles of mine I gave you that day awkward? Shindwe...You have grown much and with grace - keep it up” Head high.Chin up.Faith intact. Hard work. BLESS!!!”

Congratulations ma,aim at the stars”


“I remember there's no day that passed at Ebru before I told you how much of a good presenter you are and I told you someday someone will see your effort and call you in a better way and station was the most exited when I saw you at KTN I was among the people who took this above photo you are talented and gifted proud of your steps go girl keep souring boo”


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