Yvonne Okwara comes to the rescue of KTN’s Akisa Wandera after Betty Kyallo’s exit

Ms Okwara joined Citizen in April after 5 years at KTN

In a series of tweets seen by Pulselive.co.ke, Okwara defends Akisa Wandera after tweeps started comparing her to Ms Kyallo who exited the TV station on Friday.

“ I think is the best to take over Segment to replace Betty ama namna gani Wangwana. ” Tweeted @Realwaswah

The tweet did not sink in well with Ms Okwara who replied stating that Ms Wandera is already doing a fantastic job in her capacity.

“Akisa doesn't need to step into anyone's shoes. She's an outstanding journalist in her own right. She's done such a fantastic job so far, can't wait to see what more she will do!” Reads Yvonne Okwara’s tweet


She added that everyone brings out their unique talents in their own way and therefore there is no need for comparisons.

“Exactly. We each bring our unique talents to the table. We cannot be like anyone else. On. The. Planet. I dislike comparisons. I see people individually, how God made them! I love Akisa. She's hardworking, humble, smart.”added Okwara.

Ms Wandera was excited by Okwara’s words and replied saying “Thank you .You are phenomenal.Thank you for always mentoring and believing. You are right. Comparison will always be a joy-kill”

Another user Tina Kris @TinaKris echoed Okwara’s words with this statement “Somewhere along the way we stopped recognizing and appreciating people’s talent & brilliance individually without anchoring them to someone more successful & popular. ‘You are the new-so-&-so’ is supposedly a compliment”.


At RMS, she joined her former managing editor Joe Ageyo, who was recently appointed editorial director at the SK Macharia-owned media house.


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