Don’t kill yourself, Jesus is born every year – Akothee

Jesus is born every year, even next year ,Maria will be pregnant again

Akothee speaks after bagging another distinguished award

Award winning artiste Esther Akoth aka Akothee took to Instagram to encourage Kenyans not to financially stress themselves over Christmas because of the hard economic times.

The ‘Sweet love’ hit maker went ahead to tell people not to kill themselves because Jesus is born every year and the following year would still be an opportunity to celebrate Christmas.

Don’t stress yourself about Christmas, the economy is bad globally, if you cant afford to treat your family this festive season ,🙏🏾dont kill yourself, jesus is born every year, even next year ,Maria will be pregnant again ,and jesus birth will still be celebrated, you dont celebrate your own birthday and now you want to kill yourself for what ? Instagram likes and comments?” read part of Akothee's post.

The President of Single mothers encouraged her fans telling them that things would be better and there was nothing bad if they took their children for a walk and ate Chapati and Ndeng'u if they can't afford chicken.

“Let me tell you. Next year things will be different, take your kids out for a walk, come back home, cook chapati and dengu if you can’t afford chicken,” she said.

Lemme dedicate this award to my fans

Last Wednesday, the Rollam singer expressed gratitude to her fans after bagging another distinguished award.

Akothee took to Instagram to thank her fans for the support after Sanaa Theatre Awards awarded her with Best Live Music Performance of 2019.

The Akothee Safari's CEO also opened up on going through a lot to just pull a live performance and even getting disappointed by her band members who asked for more payment.

She went ahead to thank God for the unexpected award especially after promising herself to never use a live band while performing.

I had promised myself no more LIVE BAND AFTER I CANCELLED THE LIVE BAND FOR KISUMU SHOW, I left the hospital straight to rehearsals ,FOR THE SAME RUBBISH of live band members trying to squeeze more than what was initially agreed, I would be friendly to them, then behind the manager they would like a new arrangement with me having interacted with them , 😭😭, pissing me really off 🙆‍♂️ ,some demanded to be paid 22k others were happy with with the 15k per person , the band consists of 9 people, Ontop of it, their accommodation and transport was catered for ,so even if I am paid 1m ksh I have expenses and maybe I end up home with 200,000k ask @jalangoo 💪,” said Akothee.

The CEO of Akothee Safaris went ahead to state that her haters would question her win and the type of music she released but that was everything.


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