Akothee’s flamboyant lifestyle is well documented on social media, from trips to exotic locations to shopping in exclusive stores; the singer has given her fans a look at what life is like when you are a boss lady.

As we all know, ever boss lady has a castle where she lays her head and for Akothee its 3 homes located in 3 counties.

Akothee owns a huge mansion in Rongo which she allegedly shelled out 100 Million Kshs for, a beachfront home at the Kenyan North Coast worth 120 Million Kshs and a house in Nairobi worth approximately 80 million Kshs.

Her Rongo home in Migori County, however, seem to be her favourite, and it’s not hard to see why. From well-manicured lawns to a dazzling blue pool to a huge compound where kids can play, her house is every parents' dream.

Have a look at Akothee’s envy-inducing home: