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Akothee shares worrying news about her ‘mzungu’ baby daddy

There is more to him than meets the eye - Akothee warned.

Akothee complained bitterly about how Markus abandoned her while she was pregnant and offered her no support throughout her pregnancy after telling her to abort their child.

In addition, she accused Markus of cheating on her when she was pregnant where he would sneak out at night till 7 in the morning then secretly stash the remaining condoms under their bed.

“At midnight he would leave and come back at 7. 00 am in the morning, I could hear him hide the remaining condoms under our bed, because I was in love, I didn't want to mention. I was very weak and hurt and sickly, but went on with my job as a taxi driver, he went back to Swiss, so I sent him a message told him I wanted the baby born in Switzerland, & he sent me an email to abort the baby, and that I should not tell people he is the father of our son. This was a shock to me, my baby was already 4 months, it was not an accident nor forced, it was planned, so I decided to carry my baby.”


In addition, Akothee added that during her pregnancy, Markus would remain in the car when they went to the prenatal clinics as he didn’t want to be seen with her.  His unwillingness to be a good parent was further demonstrated when Akothee had to cajole and bribe him to get him to take care of the children.

“For him to help me take care of the children when I have to travel, I have to pay for his flight tickets, give him a car to drive full tank, give him at least 2 househelps, I have been nice to him for the sake of our son, but I think there is more than meets the eye, any girl around Markus be warned.” She wrote.

It seems that Markus is back in her life and is stirring things up forcing Akothee to send out a warning which read “Someone Tell Markus Urs Meyer , to find a corner get a wife marry and sit down , well I managed to get a few properties from him , call me a gold-digger, Kwani he thought I was paying for his services for nothing, is he my brother ?, as soon as I realized he was not going to be there for our son, I had to be smart, am I stupid! , he transferred the properties to me as birthday gifts, how it happened, don’t ask that’s #madamboss , My lawyer has all emails of transactions , it was not at gunpoint , & I already transferred them into our sons name, he bought them willingly while he was enjoying my services (car, flights, etc) so now, go sit down in a corner get a wife marry and forget about Akothee, if you so wish, tell your lawyer to contact me , but as at now Goodbye sir, and tell your lawyer to address me as #madamboss, our son is a millionaire when he turns 18, katasi of mamas brain, continue sleeping Markus we are good, TELL YOUR KENYA KIMBO FRIENDS TO STAY OUT IF THIS, THEY WON'T HANDLE A MAD WOMAN .”


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