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I almost lost my life- Akothee

Pole Sana Madam Boss

In series of posts on her social media pages, Akothee has disclosed how her relatives have been driving her nuts after she decided to house them at her rural home in Rongo.



“Good morning, due to public demand, first I apologize for all our fans in NYC, sorry we couldn't make it past the airport as our vibrant lady got energy burn out, she had difficulties a few days before the travel but we still had Hope we were going to make it, till hell broke loose at the airport . We sincerely appreciate your support and we shall make it up to you NEWYORK  Thank you all for your concern. Be blessed” shared

Following the information given by her Manager, The Oyoyo singer has now shed more light on what she has been going through.


“Do I owe them something! What and why Am I exposing myself and my children to soooooo much unhappiness and pain ! Why ? Is it worth it NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NONONO . if you see some of my relatives behind fake accounts and talk shit about me just know those are the Judas iscariot ! We cant all wake up in the morning and get rich DISCIPLINE. I DONT CARE RIGHT NOW FOR I ALMOST LOST MY LIFE , FOR GOING THROUGH SO MUCH .RELATIVES TO HELL MAAAN I MISSED  because relatives sent me to bedrest ! If you are my relative and planning to piss me off I will expose you and report you to my fans ! As an exhibit of pain and shame to mankind” reads part of Akothee’s statement.


She added that; “There is no man who gave me an idea of building a home in the village, I looked at my situation as a single mother ! I realised I was all by myself in this world , and all I needed is a safe landing with my baggage ! I never wanted my family to run around with my coffin, begging my exes to provide land to bury me nor ran from one cemetery to the other ! I never wanted my children to leave in fear of not knowing where to go to once I am 6 feet under ! I never saw anyone being there for my children once I am gone! I could climb any mountain to see my children happy !”

Living the best Life

“To my surprise, my children are the ones living the best life and are still very disciplined! They have never made me shed a tear of dissatisfaction or disappointment! My kids even consult with me when they need to buy something expensive " maaam! How are you! I was asking , I saw a weave going for 40k! could you get me one when you are in spending mood ? This makes me happy ! So why are peoples children sending me to hospitals? Why am I working extremely hard for ungreatful people! Why am I saaaad for the pregnancy and the labour pains that I dint bare ! Why are relatives causing me so much pain! Is it because I am stupid ?”


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