My behavior cost me millions - Akothee opens up

Akothee shocks the Internet with her weird habits

According to the singer, she has been using millions to buy news phones once they hit the market a behavior she now regrets.

“I have bought all kinds of notes, edge 2,3,4,5,6, Pro, tablets, notes, Ipads, edge, lol DR. K the main Man, still has the same phone I met him with since 5 years(but still fly me business class anytime any day I don't have to ask am the main HEN” wrote Akothee

She added that her expenditure behaviors cost millions of money that she could have used to do other important things in her life.

“The lust for new things stupid girl, misplaced priorities, I could be 3 million richer If I stopped the following passion & use this phone money for something else, anyone who asks me to bring for them a phone every time I travel! My friend Europeans are using mulika mwizi & they are richer, you are carrying a phone worth your yearly rent & exchange them like clothes AKOTH THINK.” Added Akothee

Madam boss realized that one of her House helps has opened a Boutique out of the clothes she bought and never used.

“I just realized I had not opened a full suitcase I got from South Africa last time I went shopping, no wonder one of my house helps opened a cloth shop someone needs to rethink, this is stupidity, this lust for shopping must go in Jesus name.I almost ordered a new car for myself just because I feel like not because I don't have a car” Read part of her post on Instagram

Madam Boss added that she stopped hanging around peoiple who believe in fantasy life as she got control over her life.

"I stopped hanging around people who believe in fantasy life I got control of my life, there is a time in life that I could not stand a phone with a cracked screen, I had my supplier on call mode! I would make 1 call and a new phone is delivered, in fact none of them was less than 90k because now I would go for the latest one in the market" signed off Akothee


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