Akothee’s adopted son walking again after getting new artificial leg (Photos)

Mwita who is physically challenged was adopted by Akothee at a time he was homeless

Akothee’s adopted son Shadrack Mwita walking again after getting new artificial leg (Photos)

Akothee’s adopted son Shadrack Mwita is on his feet’s again after getting a new artificial leg.

An excited Madam Boss shared the news via Instagram, stating that she is happy to see Mwita walk again after losing his leg in an accident a few years ago.

“I don't know why I am still crying 😭😭 @shadrackmwita_akoth My son is on his feet @shadrackmwita_akoth @akotheefoundation,” shared Akothee.

Mwita who used to stay on the streets (homeless) was adopted by Akothee in May and has been staying with her family in Mombasa.

Currently, Mwita is also undergoing treatment of a rare skin condition and just the other day the Abebo hit-maker had gone to discharge him form hospital where he had been admitted.

“Abit nervous today, my daughter is in theater for a surgery today , @veshashaillan she is in theater as you are looking at me right now , and I will be picking up Shadrack from the hospital today too, so I will be in between hospitals today 💋💪💪💪💪💪 but Me I must eat , I can't serve others while starving I have to take care of me first 💋,” shared Akothee.

Adopting Shadrack Mwita

On May 5th the Self-proclaimed President of single excited Kenyans after adopting Mwita who was homeless and also gave him a wheelchair.

The mother of five decided to take in Shadrack Mwita after realizing that he was staying on the streets, despite being physically challenged.

“After changing his cloths and giving him the wheelchair, I asked him to come shop with me for his households ,he said ( there is no need ,coz I have no home nor a house, no parents, nor family here ,so even the wheelchair will be stolen because I live on the streets 🙆🙆😭🙆😭, and I eat from hand mouth 🙆🙆, I became confused ,I didn't know what to do ,it was raining already again, I thought of how I cover myself with a warm duvet when it's cold ,and switch on the AC when it's hot , but I still have to wear masks for COVID19 🙆🙆🙏🙏🙏 I TOOK SHADRACK MWITA WITH ME . HE WILL EAT WHAT I eat for now ,Until I find A solution ,here is his home for now 🙏🙏” said Akothee.



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