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I don’t do lightskins - Akothee’s daughter sparks anger with comment on Otile Brown

Her comment offended some.

Rue and Otile (Instagram)

Akothee’s daughter Rue Baby angered some of her fans when she said that she doesn’t like light-skinned men.

This revelation came after she asked her fans to recommend a handsome man to go on vacation with and someone suggested Otile Brown.

 “I don’t do lightskins plus nitapigwa na mwenyewe na sina uwezo,” responded Rue.


An answer that displeased some of her fans and one even took to her DM to write, “You don’t do lightskins? Wow! That is so disrespectful and stereotypic, does that mean we are like disabled or something? SMH. This statement just turned me the f*ck down and to think I actually thought you were some sort of inspo.”

Rue then defended herself by saying that though she prefers her men dark it doesn’t mean that lighter men are bad.

“Don’t get me twisted oga boss. We all have our presences just coz I love black coffee doesn’t mean white is poison enjoy life stop being too serious,” she said.

The Q&A fell off the rails after someone said that they would offer themselves for the vacation but Rue was ‘too dark’ for him. As expected, Rue’s clap back to the nasty comment came fast and the model told him that he was getting ahead of himself by presuming that he would make it to her list.


“Trust me I wish I was darker. Anyway no offence taken if you meant to offend me, but you wouldn’t make it to my list either next,” Rue snapped back.

In the same Q&A Rue someone suggested Sean Andrew but Rue said that people said that he was ‘too light’ for her when she expressed interest in the model.

“I doubt if we wanna make headlines again, plus y’all said am too dark for Sean Andrew,” Rue said.


Rue’s crush on Sean

Sean and Rue became a hot topic in 2018 after she revealed that she has the hots for Sean Kibaki in an interview with Pulse Magazine.

“He looks presentable and has good looks. He is a model just like I am,” Rue confessed on why she is crushing on the dreamy model.

Following this confession, a number of people tried hooking up the two but Sean revealed that they are not dating but he is open to being her friend.


"Are you and Rue a thing?" a curious fan asked and Sean replied with “I have not met her but I am open to being a friend of hers. She seems like a cool person.”


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