Akothee’s savage response to fan who asked her how old she is

Call polis.

Akothee (Instagram)

Thanks to social media celebrities have been able to connect with fans, make money and also showcase their personality.

Akothee has mastered the art of social media by keeping her fans entertained with her blunt posts and savage responses even when the situation does not call for savagery.

She is known for being incredibly ruthless with her clap backs and most trolls have been forced to fall all the way back. But it’s not only trolls who are getting clapped back at. A fan sought to find out how old the ‘Lotto’ singer is and she got a response that she didn’t expect.

“If I may ask how old are you madam boss? 30’s or 40 sio kwa ubaya lakini,” the fan asked and Akothee savagely responded with “How is my age concerning you, is my age yours or is your age missing? I am 65 years old, callpolis”

Spent Cartridge

Although this response to a fan was a little over-the-top and frankly undeserved, Akothee won the internet by harshly disciplining Nyakundi who had referred to her as a ‘spent cartridge’.

The comment did not settle well with Akothee who responded saying, “Show me your wife and children, or are you impotent? Enemy of progress, you belong inside a condom, enjoy 2 minutes of fame. I live in Sankara for more than a week, you only come here to be bought Fanta with other men. I am not a politician, and I don’t date frozen heads like you briefcase slave at my age, I own what your father is seeing on TV. If at all he knows the full meaning of KPLC, which I doubt, save your parents first before you point fingers on success, mandoyuech, YOU HAVE NO LIFE, YOU LIVING YOUR LIFE ON PUBLIC FIGURES I PITY YOUR MOM, if I was her, I would have squeezed you in between the pelvic bone, that you never see light again you are bitter than a horny cockroach, go get some sex and calm down, stop masturbating on celebrity's walls.”


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