Milele FM boss and breakfast show host Alex Mwakideu has spoken after Milele Drive presenters Dee and Kaka Zema fought on live show.

In a statement on his Instagram page, Mwakideu said that he does not know what happened between the two presenters because he left work early.

Milele FM boss speaks on presenters Kaka Zema and Dee’s fight on live show

He went on to say that despite that, he will be find out what happened between them on Monday and he will give an update on what happened between the two co-hosts.

Okay guys, I've woken up to many missed calls from my blogger buddies @ghaflakenya @mpashogram @sdekenya etc. I honestly left jobo mapema sana Jana and I DONT KNOW what happened here!!! I will be back on Monday and I will find out and give you all feedback. In the meantime All I know watu hukosana!!! Its life.... Let's just wait for Monday....#UkipendaPendaMilele @milelefm,” wrote the Milele FM boss.


In the video he shared on his Instagram page, Kaka Zema and Dee were in a heated exchange that escalated to the extent of them throwing things at one another.

Kaka Zema was then forced to walk out of the studio while Dee continued with the show.